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New to Gardening

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I am very new to gardening, infact I have no skill at all in it. I am looking at starting my 1st vegie ever next summer. I am living in MN and it gets cold up here. Any advice anyone can give? I know to start small, but thats about all I know. Please any tips on what to grow 1st or when I should start. Anything will help. Thanks
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Hello! I am also newbie in gardening, but I have few plants in my indoor garden so I can tell you what I started with. My mom gave me 2 cherry tomatoe seedlings and I think they are pretty easy to grow. You need to remember about watering them regurarly and that's all.. I also started to propagate them so it is nice experience:) I also have a few herbs: basil, mint and rosemary. You should try growing various plants, I think that you will easily get into the topic!
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