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New to Gardening

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I am very new to gardening, infact I have no skill at all in it. I am looking at starting my 1st vegie ever next summer. I am living in MN and it gets cold up here. Any advice anyone can give? I know to start small, but thats about all I know. Please any tips on what to grow 1st or when I should start. Anything will help. Thanks
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Welcome Brian!
I grew up in MN and my mom always had a great garden. I grew up in the Mpls suburb of Blaine. Duluth is quite a bit different though in that it doesn't get nearly as warm there in the summer time. I was actually just in Duluth last summer when I flew back to run Grandma's Marathon.

I doubt the Duluth area would be all that great for heat loving plants like tomatos and peppers but the cooler weather veggies like lettuce, spinach, kale, root veggies, peas, would probably thrive in your climate. Do you have neighbors with gardens? what kinds of things are they planting?
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