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New to here zone 9 in florida

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Hi, I am Tom and have been gardening for a few years off and on. Moved to central florida zone 9 from Indiana so it has been a great learning curve. For instance this year I have learned the importance of rotating crops here in florida since most of my tomato plants suffered from wilt this year. A new garden plot for them is already planned for next year and disease resistant seed will be used ( I tried to hold off on this but after this year I will give in) Any suggestions on varietys would be appreciated. Like to can them and them and use for salsa.

Also any suggestions on canning peppers and such to keep them crunchy would be appreciated. I know most of the canning tecniques suggested by The Ball complete guide of canning are for our protection but I find that it does overcook most of the product. So I am experimenting and suggestions are appreciated.

Like to grow veggie basics Different peppers1. Name (if you want to)
2. How long you have been gardening for
3. Which zone are you located in (click here to find out which zone you're located in)
4. What you like to grow
5. What you'd like to learn more about from the Veggie Gardener community
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