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Hello everyone, I'm from Louisiana I have 2 large gardens, I've been trying to garden since
2013, at that time I was working in Mn. and our landlord was so generous as to allow us to have a small garden
but boy did it produce ! I know why they call it soil of the gods, anyway meanwhile here at home in La. not so much lol, but Ill keep on honing on my skills... and learning with you guys I think there's hope for me!, I'm really glad I came
across your site I was googling water picks for tomatoes, I don't have any 2 liter coke bottle's but all the sudden
I'm craving shasta or whatever the cheapest brand is at my local dollar general seeing town is 25 miles away.
I'm excited about learning and growing with you guys!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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