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New to the Forum. My name is Gwen Lightfoot and I've got to learn to garden in PA.

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I moved to the Susquehanna Valley in South Central Pennsylvania about 18 months ago. Gardening here is MUCH different from gardening in Tallahassee, Florida. Lucky for me, the house I bought had absolutely NO landscaping or gardening at all. Just one lone maple tree in the front yard. I've dug a small veggie garden and was successful at growning the basics: Tomatoes, beans, peas, carrots, collards, and cukes. I've also started blackberry canes and table grapes. I'm in the process of digging foundation beds around the back deck and side of the house...complete with curvy path and, come spring, I'll put some allyssum all along the stone/brick path.

I want to learn the best varieties for shrubs and trees and timing for all the little jobs that go into creating and maintaining a successful garden.
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