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Hello everyone my name is Charles. I have a few small raised beds in my backyard in North Fort Myers Florida. I am not a farmer and I am doing this as a past time and enjoy the fruits of my labor so to speak. I had a good crop of tomatoes in the fall and really enjoyed the taste. I was able to grow them organically which allowed a great flavor. So good I don't enjoy the grocery store tomatoes as much any more. I have some bell peppers that I started from seed and they have started flowering. I am anxious to taste them soon. I have been fortunate so far that I have not had to use chemical on them other than fertilizers like nitrogen and other organic fertilizers. I planted cucumbers and I had to pull them up because some worms ate the leaves and basically destroyed the plants. I have started another crop and it is, knock on wood still not infected with any critters or diseases. I am hopeful that this works out. I understand they have disease free cucumber seeds that can be purchased, but I don't believe it will be bug free though. I don't have anything else to add at this time. I appreciate all the feed back that I have seen from the members and I am looking forward to any help that I can receive from you folks or that I might add. Like I stated before I am not a farmer, but I am enjoying learning this. It is a great and healthy past time.
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