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new to the site,

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living in the upper peninsula of Michigan within 25 miles of Lake Superior along with many streams and rivers both my wife and I enjoy our gardening and always looking for new and better methods in making our garden bigger and better.
From tomatoes, potatoes to beans, peppers, squash the list goes on.
I believe it'll be a new adventure and looking forward too hearing from the many members and learning their techniques in growing as well.
We live in the country, 40 acre hobby, wildlife farm I guess you could call it. Enjoying hunting, fishing and living off the lands all through the year.
I'm self-employed with an outdoor wildlife/fisheries position.

Hoping too hearing from you,
Again happy gardening!



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hello, nice to hear from you,I am on the other side of the states in western washington near the hood canal. small farm only 5 acres, but 10 chickens, a small but growing garden,3 donkeys,3 horses,3 pigs,4 dogs and a barn cat:) working on becoming self sufficient, still learning all the how to's on a smaller scale at this point with slow expansion. still needing to clear the remaining 3 acres and get it fenced and sectioned off for pasture rotation and such. we live next door to 9000 acres of wilderness. love having the wild life so close.
sounds like a great place to live! I lived in the UP when I was about 1-2 yrs old, although I remember none of it. My dad was stationed in the AF there, so we lived on base for awhile.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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