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Hello everybody I'm pickles. I just started a Spring garden, it's been a long time since I gardened. So I'm starting new at this. I planted 4 tomato plants and the rest I started from seeds. I live in Zone 8 and I am wanting to grow vegetables, and maybe some herbs. Vegetable prices at the stores are rediculous, this will help with cost and healther for us. I would like to learn how to grow more organically I don't like chemicals. Thanks everybody, Hope to see everybody around. Thanks, Pickles
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Welcome! I'm also in zone 8 and like you, I garden for costs savings and also for better quality produce. I can alot of my veggies and some years we can go the entire winter w/o buying veggies, except for a few things that obviously have to be, such as lettuce and any veggies we want raw, but it's so nice to not have to buy canned beans, carrots, tomato sauces, etc.
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