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New to this Forum - Introduction

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Hello Ya'll!
I love gardens! I have tried gardening off and on for years, but still feel I am a novice at it. Several years ago I built various raised bed boxes (simple design) in the back yard to help keep weeds at bay, to have good soil, since Alabama seems to be red clay, and not have to bend so much.
Although I have lived in Huntsville, Alabama (north Alabama) for 28 years, I still do not feel that I have fully adjusted to the growing season. I previously lived in Virginia and I thought I was a pretty good gardener there. Here, not so much! :cool: Also, our weather patterns are such that in the summer months we will have a few days rain and then NOTHING for weeks on end, which results for me in having a rather large water bill throughout the summer - even with the installation of rain barrels on each corner of my house.
My favorite thing to grow in the summer are tomatoes. Because I do not like the taste of store bought tomatoes, Also, I want my veggies organic and am interested in learning more about organic gardening. Right now my garden is waning a bit. I had a load of cucumbers and have made bread 'n' butter pickles. Also, I have summer squash and peppers. I would like to grow more.
I am also interested in learning about growing cool weather vegetables such as peas, kale, spinach. Looking forward to learning.
I found out about this forum because I received an email from Pinterest with a link to an article about preparing the garden for fall. Really looking forward to an exchange of information.!
Many thanks to all ya'll!
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hello from out west and north,I know our climates are different for sure since I am pacific coast and washington state. but glad you could join us all in our quests for perfect gardens:)
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