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Just saying hello. I like landscaping, gardening and trying to grow vegetables and herbs, but I never seem to find enough time to actually maintain a small healthy garden in a suburban setting. Looking forward to learning more.


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Hi Corey,

Welcome to Veggie Gardener, we are so glad you are here!

For those new to gardening, or for those of us with busy schedules, gardening can seem like an impossible commitment to make. Don't worry though, there are a lot of stops on the road to a green thumb.

Did you know you can grow vegetables without even having a garden? That's right, check out these articles for more information:

Also, an herb garden is a fun option that you will benefit from quickly and use often. If you plant them in a container, you will be able to put it outside when it is raining so you won't even have to remember to water it!

Another great option to start with are tomatoes in containers. I bet a Patio Princess would be perfect for you.

And if you think it is too late in the season to get started, have no fear, it is the perfect time to start your fall garden.

Okay Corey, I am confident that you can succeed in starting your own garden- even if it is just green onions in water in your kitchen. Why don't you give one of these a try and keep us posted on your progress (pics or it didn't happen). You can do it!
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