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My name is Tom Holmes

I have been growing vegetables since I was 14 years old, I now draw social security so it has been a long time.

I live just south of San Francisco in climate zone 10A. We only get frost about once every 3 years for about 3 days.

I mainly plant tomatoes, lots of them, like 54 plants, about 25 varieties (I have cut down due to the drought). I plant them in large containers with the bottom of the plastic containers cut off and I use wire mesh on the bottom of the container to keep gophers out. I put them in raised beds and use Texas Tomato cages for support. I have recently got into planting lettuce and plan to do some strawberries.

This year I had a cold frame built (I do many things poorly, carpentry is one of the things I do poorly). I was able to utilize some old shower doors for the glass. I am expecting great things from it.

The last 7 years I have had to fight white flies and aphids. I may have a crop rotation issue. I compost grass clippings, leaves and straw during the year. I add some steer manure and mix it into my beds.

Interested if any one has success in stopping white flies before they hatch.
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