Every year seed companies offer more and more new varieties and it looks like 2011 will be no different. Burpee is one of the most recognizable names in the seed industry and there's good reason.

Burpee offers one of the most diverse selections of seeds and plants available today. They are at the forefront of breeding and cultivating some of the most popular hybrid vegetables varieties on the market.

While checking out the latest offerings from Burpee for the 2011 season, I thought I'd share with you some of the ones I found most interesting with you.

Here is just a sample of some of the scrumptious looking vegetable varieties from Burpee for 2011.


Since tomatoes are one vegetable I'm completely smitten with, I'll start with them.

'Kings of Color' Tomato Collection

Kings of Color Tomato Collection

First up we have a great looking collection of tomatoes, the 'Kings of Color'. This collection features a set of four different tomato varieties - 'Heritage Hybrid', ' Pink Pounder', 'Orange Slice', and ' Sunny Boy'.

All four indeterminate varieties produce large fruits that weigh up to one pound, and offer great-tasting tomatoes all season long.

Green Envy Hybrid Tomato

Green Envy Hybrid Tomato

The 'Green Envy' is a strange, yet seductive-looking cherry tomato that features Emerald green fruit, and a sweet taste.

These are perfect for adding to salsas or salads for a great taste and interesting presentation.


Limelight Hybrid Zucchini

A new zucchini variety for 2011 that really caught my eye is the 'Limelight' Hybrid zucchini. It is an early maturing zucchini that averages eight inches log and has a creamy color and taste.

This is a must-have for the zucchini lover!


Calypso Cilantro

For the herb lover comes the new Cilantro 'Calypso'. 'Calypso' is hailed as the cilantro that is slowest to bolt on the market today. This broad leaf cilantro will continually supply fresh leaves all season, and is perfect for kitchen gardens, herb gardens, or containers.


Brokali Apollo Hybrid

Yes, you read that right - Brokali. The new Brokali 'Apollo' is a hybrid mix between Calabrese broccoli and kale.

It features the delicious florets of the Calabrese broccoli with the ruffled leaves of kale to produce a delicious new broccoli where the leaves are as tasty as the florets. It is slow to bolt and performs well in cool weather.


Purple Majesty Potato

For 2011, Burpee introduces the 'Purple Majesty Potato'. 'Purple Majesty' features a deep, dark purple color and a sweet, buttery flavor that is sure to please. It is the perfect mid-season potato that will add unique color to potato salads, with mixed vegetables, or mashed with white potatoes.

Personally, I love growing potatoes and can't wait to try these myself.

That's Not All

As I said earlier this is but a fraction of what is now available at Burpee for 2011. You can check out all of their new vegetable and flower varieties for 2011 by clicking the image below. These new varieties are available only online, so be sure to check them out today.

New at Burpee for 2011

They have over 128 new flower, fruit and vegetable varieties for the coming year, so you might get lost in all the great offerings.

It sure is difficult to step away from such great looking vegetables!

Check Out More New Varieties From Burpee!