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Hello fellow gardeners!!! I'm Chrissy and I live southern PA in zone 7, I believe. For the past many years, I've only done flower and plant gardening in several shady yards. Yes, I know my shade plants! Now, I'm with a lovely man who has had a vegetable garden for many years. I've learned alot from him, but we've also learned alot together through the internet. My question at this moment is why is my poblano pepper plant's leaves turning yellow, and sort of bubbled? Pests, I'm sure. We try to be organic, and I've even planted some trap crops this year, zucchini, nasturtium, and marigolds. Is there anything I can do organically, besides knocking bugs off and squirting them with water? I once heard a blogger state that he put sliced cucumbers in tin pans, with holes in them, and when it rains, or you water the pan, it creates some kind of chemical reaction. And he only has good bugs in his garden, no pests. Is there any truth to that? I'd appreciate any one's advice. Thanks!~
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