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Hello - my name's Lisa and I am 30 and have been gardening with my grandma since I was 1 (well at least I think so- ever since I can remember anyway):)
Here in New Zealand, I am completely out of the USA zone but in Thames we have no snow, although we do get frost (we are in Fall now and I am looking forward to having a fire in winter - it's not quite cold enough yet! Summertime here is hot and humid.
I love growing veg's and flowers - I have 1 niece that LOVES flowers also and I am hard put to keep up with her - she picks them faster than I can grow them. She's 2 and a half and my only at the moment - by the end of the year I should have another 2 nephew's or nieces! Can't wait - Xmas round here will be all babies!
I have 3 hens but I have moved to a small back year so I will need to (SADLY) say goodbye to them. I love them for there fertiliser more than anything but there eggs are good value too - they just done fit in with my 700m2 section at present.
Anyway - I look forward to reading all your tips - that's what I registered on here for. I find that all gardeners are friendly and helpful when it comes to advice. It will be interesting to see if we experience that same thrills and problems on the other side of the world!

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well I am in washington state(west coast) it is spring here so our planting/growing season has just begun. I am glad you could join us on here. I have a small farm that includes chickens,horses,donkeys,guineas some times pigs or a steer. my garden is still expanding every year for the last 5 years. sooner or later I will find the spot where it stops.
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