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Hi all,

I'm located in Reno, Nevada (zone 7). I was recently retired from the military and I've been struggling with finding things that I can do without exacerbating issues I have. Gardening is turning into a focus for me and I may even turn it into a source of income/productivity in the future.

Living in the high desert can be challenging for gardening although there is a thriving agriculture industry around the area and state. I have been playing around with the Square Foot method for a couple of years. I am limited in the amount of space I have to work so I currently only have to 4x4 boxes along with a couple of potted strawberries and some upside down tomato planters. I have a couple of 5 gallon buckets that I keep my water in to allow it to warm.

I love growing peas although this year they seem to be very unhappy. I changed my soil from last year due to a move. Now I have "Mel's Mix" but I think the compost material I used was not the best. I recently mixed some 12-10-5 granuals into the soil and I'm hoping that will help perk up everything in the boxes. I have strawberries, tomatoes, corn, squash, cauliflower, peas, beans, carrots, raddishes, pumkin, and watermellon; some looking a little anemic.

We will see how much time I can devote to this website... I never can tell... I also hope to be able to learn and improve my skills to see a greater production and at least get to a point where I am providing the veggies for me and my family... and maybe the local area as well...

Good luck to us all,

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Welcome! Sounds like you make the most from smaller gardening space. I'm always amazed and inspired by how much can be packed into a smaller space by getting creative with having plants hang, crawl,using poles and trellises to help climbing, etc.
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