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Hello from Lake Country, British Columbia, Canada. I guess I am a northern gardener compared to some of the forum members but a southern gardener compared to the rest of British Columbia. I live in Canadian zone 5 (-31.6C to -23.4C (-24.8F to -10.12F). My yard is half dry land perennials and half vegetables. I have set my yard up with an irrigation system that waters my lawn and veggies but limits the water to my perennials. I live in a part of BC where there are water restrictions every year; not to mention we have to pay for it if we go over our allotted quota. For my veggie boxes I try and mulch the best I can to conserve water but I also get wind which I can’t mulch for. I am sure everyone agrees, no matter where you live, gardening is a never ending learning process. Each year brings new pest and challenges. I am looking forward to learning something new from the members of this forum and to view pictures of your gardens.
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