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Hello, I am from the House of Walden. I have been planting gardens since I moved to NY (zone 6) in 2000. I have recently expanded my gardening area when we purchased a home with more space to plant! I like planting everything, what prospers differs from year to year. This year: corn, cucumbers, green beans(thrive), peas(first time this year), broccoli(trying again last time not so good),tomatoes(all kinds), hot peppers, bell peppers(not growing very well from seed), green onion, radish, watermelon, lettuce, spinach(did not work, went to seed). Most everything I planted from seed in the ground. I finally have strawberries. Just bought black berry, blue berry and raspberry plants, they are doing well. I also have cherry trees, a peach seedling from friend in pot, an apple seedling in pot(daughter planted seed in April). I have a wild flower garden as well that I started last year. To protect my garden I plant marigolds on the outside edge where the deer like to journey. As they are large in quantity this year! I have 2 cats that guard against rabbits! I hope that I can receive advise on things I think I should know but always ask myself, but do not know. Share things that have and have not worked for me currently and in the past! Like how I found this forum...was not sure when to pick peas! Thank you!:p
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