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novice gardener here

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I am a chef and writer..I was introduced to gardening soon after I bought my house three years ago. It is not an exaggeration to say vegetable gardening has changed my perspective on food and how I look at what we eat. I've always heard fresh from the garden is a completely different experience than anything else one can cook. It is true. I am a different chef now than I was three years ago. Having said that I am happy novice. I have a lot to learn and am excited to learn and share

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Welcome! I agree with you that once you start cooking and eating home grown veggies, everything else just cut the muster. I bet you've come up with some mouthwatering dishes!
the same goes for raising your own meats too. I love a dish made with things I grow versus things bought. I can taste the differences in both meat and veggies. It has gotten to the point of me being able to almost taste the additives in our foods from the store. I am close to even getting a milk cow for milk and fresh cheeses. I hate the way processed foods taste any more.
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