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the best place to get good compost is from a horse boarding facility, the wood shavings used are either fir, cedar or pine. other wise it will be chopped oat straw or regular straw, the feed used is usually some type of grass or alfalfa hay to feed the horses. they always have way more than they can give away and gladly welcome any person who calls in advance and asks for it so they know when you are coming. the more you take the happier they are. things you can haul it in are plastic garbage cans or bags and if it is still some what fresh just add it to a compost pile you have designated and turn it in for 3 months. the same goes for alpaca farms most give the manure away. keep an eye on craigs list in farm and garden for people giving manure away or post one that you want some and are willing to come get it yourself.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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