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Part of our front garden

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This is the back view of our larger garden.


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This was taken a month ago. Oh what a difference on growth.
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My smaller back garden. This is the one I have to fight the crows out of.
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More recent pickings.
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Some of our early pickings.
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This is the back view of our larger garden.
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This is the side view of our larger garden.


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Thank you Doris. I am having so much trouble trying to figure out how to put the pictures on here. It is not as easy as e-mail or Facebook uploading.
wow! that is one huge garden! I can't even imagine all the produce you get! you could open up your own roadside farmers stand!
Wow, what a garden you have Mrs. Sample. Wish I had that type of space! Very impressive.
Wow, my garden is not quite so full. Then again I am still learning. You have a beautiful garden. God Bless~
It is wonderful you have such space and have such gorgeous gardens. Are the hills for which veggie? Have you ever planted or do you plant asparagus??
We have not tried asparagus here yet. We just bought this place a year ago and this is our experimental garden. We are seeing what all works best here and will plan better in years to come. So far, we see that we did not leave enough space between plants. That is so hard to do when you are planting tiny seeds, or transplanting little plants, but now we have rows that we can't even walk down because the plants are so big. I never imagined we would have such amazing results! I tell you the truth...I prayed over the garden daily..prayed for sick plants and watched them take off. I put in a lot of love, and a little miracle grow. We were blessed with really good soil too. We are currently tilling up more areas so we can space things out more next year. We are looking at fruit trees, but I think we might overwhelm ourselves doing too much at once. You are right, I could open a stand. We give away all we can. It killed me to throw about 20 cantaloupe in the compost pile just because they all ripened at once and they don't keep well. Thank you for all of your kind words. Just remember, plants know when you love them and they respond to us talking to them.
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Do you know of any local soup/meal kitchens or churches that do food for the homeless and poor? If you find yourself with an overabundance in the future, some places like these and WEAVE, crisis centers, etc, will take some or all of it off your hands to do good work and spread the love and miracle you grew to others who will love to have it. :)
Wow your garden looks great,fencing wires a great idea
mrssample, your garden looks great. I can tell you put a lot of work into it.
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