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I have always had really great success by adding bone meal and epson salt to any plant. You can tell the difference in a plant that has it and one that doesn't. Guess I'm just lucky but I have never had a dog to dig them up. I dont think dogs around my neck of the woods care about powdered bone meal. bone meal nor epson salt will burn roots. I even add a little rabbit poop in the hole and it will not burn roots. But if anyone would like to add a little starter fertilizer in the hole, all you need to do is put a couple inches of compost on top of the fertilizer, here is the nutritional values of bone meal in raw form..Nitrogen=2-6, phosphorus=15-27, potassium=0 and bone meal steamed..N=0.7-4, Phosphorus=10-34, potassium=0, so this is some good stuff as most of you know that phosphous is what makes a plant be it flowers or veggies makes blooms and sets fruit.
have a great day gardening
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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