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Hello Everybody,

My name is Shannon and I have been gardening for 3 years. (I was disgusted by the high prices for crappy vegetables at the grocery store.)

Now that I know what vegetables really taste like I can't get enough. I have become a broiling, baking, grilling fiend! Tomatoes are my passion. Before I started gardening I only used tomatoes as garnish in a salad. They tasted like water so what was the point??? I'm blown away by the flavors and colors they come in.

I'm am organic gardening in Illinois, zone 5 and learning about pests and beneficial bugs. They are so hard to fight, I need lessons.

This year I bought a book called "Back Yard Problem Solver" by Jerry Baker and I've been concocting the wierdest tonics for my vegetables and flowers to make them grow big and strong and more pest resistant.. Hope it works!
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