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preparing garden for winter

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hi everyone,i am cleaning out my garden and getting it ready for winter....i know i have alot of cut worm and corn worm in my do i controll this now, or can i? thanks.
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nematodes they will go after any bad bugs in your soil. you can find them at
do nematodes survive the winter? in the frozen ground.
not sure about that but they would do good in spring and threw summer and into fall to get a handle on the grubs in the soil. I use them every spring in my garden and don't have a problem with grubs eating things in the garden.
i think i will put some in the spring...i read about them..they are good little
yes they have kept my root veggies free from bugs:)
I think you should have it cleaned by artificial grass suppliers and then install artificial grass lawn for your garden. It is really helpful in the winter.
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Stephanie, where do you get nematodes ? I have never used that
thank you
you get them at seed stores , you can also order them from seed catalogs. i heard they are great for the garden..i am going to apply some in the spring.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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