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free viral ebooks

Giving stuff away for free and making money from it is one of the most powerful tactics today from which you can generate multiple passive income streams for yourself. Everyone likes free stuff (and I bet you're not different) so I'd like to give you all the tools from which you can create your own viral branded ebooks to profit from.

I like to write and create my own ebooks which I give away from various web sites I set up to compliment the ebooks. With each of my ebooks I grant the reader give-away rights and provide them with a separate version of the ebook in to which they can insert their own affiliate links then give it away. If any sales result from the reader's affiliate links then they get the commissions.

Now, for the first time I'm making all my free rebrandable ebooks (current and future) available in one place - here - and it's entirely free of charge. So please help yourself. Full rebranding instructions and software included.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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