The owners of a Texas gardening store think they've solved the puzzle of who has been stealing valuable plants: a trained monkey.

NBCDFW reports that Jerry Duncan and Shelley Rosenfeld, owners of Plants and Planters in Richardson, Texas, fingered their prime primate suspect after examining surveillance footage. The video shows a two-foot tall monkey jumping the fence and apparently handing the loot over to a presumably human accomplice.

"You can see the back legs, the front arms and the white head," Duncan says of the furry felon.

NBCDFW says they called in Richardson police, who are now tasked with trying to figure out who is responsible.

"I wouldn't think there would be too many monkeys in this city," Duncan tells the TV station.

This article was originally published by USA Today. To view the whole story, plus a video of the stealing primate, please visit Primate Suspect Fingered In Garden Store Thefts.