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problem with new potted Tomato plants

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Hello this is from Paratrooper Robert I am an old jumper and This green house is new to me and I need some advice .
I am in Zone 7 and I have raised peppers and Tomatoes and some herbs from seed . I have some great looking Tomato plants but some are turning yellowish green on the bottom leaves . I am new to green house gardening but I have raised a garden for over 30 years and this is my first go around starting and raising my own plants from seed . My herbs are great the peppers are good and some are great . I have put about 25 tomato plants in 5 inch pots and they are all great and thick stemmed and very healthy . But I am concerned about the ones still in 3 inch pots and they are the one turning the light yellowish green on the bottom leaves . Any advice from anyone . Thanks a lot from an old paratrooper .
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Hi, I'm more of a new gardener but I really like this site, it's helped me and has pictures to help see what might be going on with your tomatoes!
My guess might be the pots are too small. Good luck and happy gardening!!
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