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Rain gardens

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I am looking into getting a rain garden put in by the conservation district in my area. This is because of me having a barn and live stock and needing to deal with the run off from the barn so I don't have a terminal mud issue or send water down stream that is high in nitrogen/natural fertilizers/fecal coli form. It is free to have the conservation district out in any county in the United states and in some cases you can get grants or do a cost share program to build the rain garden. No you do not have to have a farm you can still contact them and see about a rain garden for homes,business,garages to help filter storm water run off and provide a beautiful garden to look at.
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To find the conservation district in your area here is a link. or just google for it in your county you reside in. the service is free. They cannot fine you for any thing but they can suggest changes to help. They also cannot turn you in for any thing to others who can levy fines. I have used this service 2 times now and love it and so far they have helped me avoid fines.
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