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rain rain and more rain

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i planted my garden over the past 4 days in between rain the weather is calling for rain for the next 4 this going to be bad for my seeds? will they rot?
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the seeds will be fine as long as they don't float away. I have been getting rain for the last week with more on the way no harm done to my seeds :) some times things will sprout a bit faster if it is warm and raining. just think this way you don't have to water mother nature is doing it for you other wise you have to water till they sprout any how.
yes.. i thought it might be a good thing ...and my garden has very good drainage so everything should be brother just brought me home a truck full of mushroom this good for the garden? is it as good as other composts?
Tell me about rain! We've had 150mm (6 inches) in the last two days! I sowed some lawn seed just over a week ago and the grass shoots are two inches tall already!
I can tell you in western washington state we have different grades of rain here goes. lite rain,heavy rain, raining like a cow peeing on a flat rock,heavy mist,lite mist,fog,heavy fog,freezing rain,rain and snow mix,rain with sun breaks,showers,occasional showers,patchy rain showers,patchy fog,marine layer. And then for the rain forest rain I am about 100 miles give or take from a rain forest that gets an average of 106 inches of rain a year it is due west of me. The only thing slowing the rain down is the olympic mt range. I have had 12 inches of rain fall at my home in less than 12 hours. Any body wanna know what rain gear is the best? I never water my lawn/garden or fruit trees because if I did it would be redundant to water in the rain. I get about 50 inches a year give or take.Half of what the rain forest gets. The area I live in is littered with lakes,ponds,creeks,streams,rivers.Muck boots are essential foot wear. best rain gear is sold by
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lol.. thats too funny...and the funniest part is our weather is the same here in new brunswick,canada.
mushroom compost is great for a garden, you may even get mushrooms!
oh and I forgot drizzle both heavy and light:) oh and being in the starbucks capitol we also have way to many terms for a cup of coffee! for instance one of my favorites is: A double tall,raspberry,mint mocha with whip= 2 shots coffee(espresso), raspberry flavoring,mint flavoring,chocolate,steamed milk,whipped cream in top to go :)
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