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Hey Errol,

Great questions! The only thing I don't start from seed are tomato plants. I really don't have a reason why. Most of the time when I go seed shopping, the plants are just sitting there and there are just so many that I have to pick-up a few. Anyway, I saved bush bean seeds from last year's plants. I allowed the seeds to grow big and dry right in the pod. Then, I shelled them and placed them in a brown paper bag that I stored in a old dresser that I have in the basement. I am glad to say that I am already harvesting delicious green beans!

I have done a few new things this year as far as seed starting goes. For example, I bought a few seed starting kits. I usually by those small foam cups from the dollar store (about 50 cups for $1) and put a soiless mix in to start my seeds. That method is totally cost effective and I can reuse the cups. For my bottom heat, I used the top of my refrigerator and placed a seed starting tray on top of my cable box. My husband thought I had gone crazy when I had a seed starting kit on all 4 of our cable boxes. I must say they have done the trick and I didn't have to buy some expensive contraption.

Sometimes, I would germinate my larger seeds in plastic baggies with a damp paper towel. I like to show my children various methods of starting seeds. As a mother and educator, I always try to make every moment a teachable one. Once those seeds have sprouted the kids would plant them accordingly.

I am always thinking of some kind of way to save money.
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