Getting down in the dirt and planting a veggie garden is not always the easiest thing. If you've got a bad back, knees that ache, or arthritic hands, you may not look forward to planting time. In order to get a delicious, plentiful veggie garden going, however, we do what we must, even when it doesn't come easy.

Despite the fact that there are veggies you have to work harder to grow than others, some veggies do fall on the more flexible side. In fact, so flexible are they that you can grow them in water alone without even the addition of dirt or soil of any kind. In addition to being an energy saving measure, this also saves money that might have been spent on soil, markers, pest control, and more. Additionally, if outdoor garden space is limited, you can always grow these veggies indoors to make the most of the outdoor vegetables that require more room and a traditional growth plan. Here are five to get you started:
  1. Celery can be grown in water by cutting off the bottom of the stalk and placing it in water. From the center, new growth will begin to emerge in less than a week. The stalks will take longer to fully mature, but soon you will have tasty celery to enjoy.
  1. Lettuce grows in water when the bottom of the head is placed in a small bowl. Like celery, new growth will appear in the center in just a few days. Expect about two weeks time before you have enough for a salad though.
  1. Green Onions will regrow from the white portion at the end when placed in water. Simply cut away from it on an as-needed basis and watch as it continues to grow.
  1. Garlic Chives can be grown just like Green Onions and serve a similar purpose in cooking. Simply place a garlic clove in water (not fully submerged) and watch for green shoots to appear.
  1. Cabbage will also regrow from the center when the base of a head is placed in water. The smaller it is when you harvest, the better the flavor will be and the better the tenderness.
The ability to regrow veggies from water does not end there, however. Here are even more veggies which will sprout in water alone:
  • Bok Choy
  • Fennel
  • Leeks
  • Lemongrass
Regrowing vegetables in water may seem like an odd practice, but it can be very worthwhile for several reasons. For starters, beyond the expense involved in acquiring the original vegetable from which you will do your growing, it is essentially a way to keep yourself in free, fresh veggies all year long. That means saving money at the grocery store and labor in the garden. Plus it is a sure way to keep things organic, growing them to your own personal specifications and doing so without the same pest problems you might have outside.

When growing veggies in water, be sure to keep an eye on water levels to ensure your veggies are getting what they need to grow. It is also important to use containers that correspond with what you are growing. For example, grow lettuce in a bowl whereas green onions are better off in a cup. Keep in mind, too, that though many veggies will sprout indoors, some require transplanting outside. The ones listed above will grow water alone, so give it a shot and let us know what you sprout!