It doesn't take long to realize that preparing the vegetable garden and maintaining it throughout the year can be some back-breaking work.

Weeds can be a nightmare once they start popping up and keeping ahead of them is a never ending chore.

I'm always on the hunt for a tool, or a system that can make my preparation and maintenance tasks easier.

Fortunately, I think I've finally found an answer.

The Remington Electric Tiller

I was recently asked to review the Remington Garden Wizard Electric Tiller RM151C, and boy, was I ever glad I accepted.

I realized this tool is extremely handy for many tasks in the vegetable garden after the very first use.

If I needed to remove weeds between rows, or prepare a row for planting, the Remington Electric Tiller did the job surprisingly well.

Here are a few great features of this electric tiller.

Features of the Remington Electric Tiller

As soon as I removed the tiller from the box I noticed how compact and light it is compared to similar tillers.

Assembly of the tiller took about five minutes and only required setting the handle in place and tightening it up.

Theres Not Much Assembly With the Remington Electric Tiller
Just Tighten the Handle Using the Adjusting Knobs

No tools required!

I had the tiller out of the box and operating in less than ten minutes total.

The tiller features four tines that give you a nine inch wide tilling area. You can also easily remove the outer two tines to make it a six inch wide tilling area.

This is very nice feature for those tight, hard to reach areas of your garden.

The Remington Electric Tiller Features 4 RemovableTines

It has a thick metal guard over the tines to keep any debris from accidentally hitting the operator.

The large wheels on the back provide excellent mobility, allowing you to easily maneuver the tiller over grass and loose soil.

The Large Wheels Offer Great Mobility

The handle has a soft, padded grip area that helps to reduce vibrations going to your hand. No need to worry about blisters with this comfortable padding!

It has a safety bar underneath the handle, like most lawnmowers, and a big red start button for easy, safe starting.

The Comfortable Padded Handle and Safety Bar
The Large Red Start Button for Safety

There's even a very convenient cord holder to keep the electrical cord safely out of the way.

The Cord Holder Keeps the Electrical Cord Out of the Way

Using the Remington Electric Tiller

To be honest, there's really not much to say on using the tiller.

It's very simple and straightforward to use.

Just pull the safety bar up to the handle and press the red start button at the same time to start it up.

Pull Up the Safety Bar and Push the Start Button To Start the Tiller

Make sure you have the tines up off the soil when starting. This tiller has a lot more power than I thought it would, so be ready once you start it.

It took me for a little unexpected ride at first.

As I mentioned earlier, it can be used for a variety of tasks in the garden - weeding, preparing new beds, or mixing amendments into the soil - just to name a few.

I have a short row in my garden where I want to plant some turnips and kohlrabi soon. I used the Remington Electric Tiller to get this row ready for planting.

Garden Row Before Tilling

As you can see there are some weeds growing in this row so I was unsure how well the tiller would handle this.

After just the first pass with the electric tiller, I knew right away that it had plenty of power to easily churn up the weeds and soil.

Three quick passes with the tiller and the row was pretty much ready for planting. All I needed to do next was add a little compost and use the tiller to mix it in well.

The Remington Electric Tiller Does a Great Job of Churning the Soil

Getting this area prepared would have taken me three or four hours by hand. With the Remington Electric Tiller, it took me about twenty minutes.

I went from opening the box to having a prepared garden row in about 30 minutes!

The Garden Row Was Easily Tilled In Just a Few Minutes

Pros of the Remington Electric Tiller

    • Eco-friendly because it runs off electricity; requires no gas or oil

    • Easy start button eliminates the need for pull starting like you see with gas tillers

    • Easily reaches even the smallest areas of the garden

    • Removable tines for easy clean-up and maintenance; use four tines for nine inche-wide swaths or two tines for six inche-wide swaths

    • Handle can be folded down for easy storage

    • Powerful enough to cut through thick weeds and heavy soils

  • Costing less than $200 it is very inexpensive compared to similar gas-powered tillers

Cons of the Remington Electric Tiller

The only thing I did not like about this tiller was the need for an electrical cord. The cord clip that comes with the tiller is very handy for keeping the cord out of the way, but you still need to pay special attention to what you are doing.

Always keep the cord behind you and you should be just fine.

Needing an electrical cord is surely not a huge deal, but needing to drag around a cord is not as convenient as gas-powered tillers.

I also wish there was some type of speed control on the tiller so you could refine the speed of the tines. The Remington Electric Tiller is either off or at full speed - there is no in between.

With that said, I still believe this electric tiller is far more favorable than gas-powered models.


I give the Remington Garden Wizard Electric Tiller RM151C two BIG thumbs up. It can save a bunch of time and sore muscles while working in your garden.

It has plenty of power for most small jobs and you never have to worry about running out of gas and oil. It is a very good alternative to loud, gas-powered tillers.

Of course, if you have a 20 foot by 20 foot area of lawn that you want to till for a new garden, the Remington Electric Tiller is not the ideal tool, but that's not what it is made for either.

If you need something to remove weeds between rows, amend the soil in raised beds, or prepare rows for planting then I highly recommend the Remington Electric Tiller.

It can make a huge difference. Believe me!

Disclosure: The Remington Garden Wizard Electric Tiller RM151C was provided to me for review by Remington. Remington also provided one tiller for a giveaway to the visitors of this website. This published review is my fair opinion and evaluation of the product. The outcome of my review was not persuaded in any way by Remington or the reception of this product.

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