When I first received the Smart Sizzors from AnySharp, I was very excited about the product's claimed versatility. A good pair of gardening shears can be hard to find for a decent price so, with the Sizzors retailing for only $24, I was interested to see if the product would live up to the hype.

The design itself immediately sets it apart from traditional scissors, offering additional blades and edges around both the blade and the handle. The serrated, plastic edge in between the top and bottom of the handle and furthest from the blade is advertised as a garlic crusher. As you move further in, a wire stripper and then a nut cracker are also part of the design.

These features, though handy, were not significantly important when thinking about outdoor usage because rarely do I have the need to crush something while in my garden. Also, when tested, I was unimpressed with both crushers' performance, deciding that I would prefer to stick to a traditional garlic press and nut cracker if given the option because of how much I struggled to get results. The wire stripper, however, was very effective and is a great tool if you have chicken-wire or other fencing around your garden.

Though the handle is not too bulky, it does feature larger than normal finger holes, making it easy for people with hands of all sizes to grip comfortably. I had little difficulty getting a secure grip with gardening gloves on, for example. Made of a rubber and plastic combination, the grip is cushioned but sticky enough to offer comfort and prevent blisters when working in the hot sun. No matter how sweaty my hands got, I was able to maintain a more secure grip than I would have with my traditional plastic or wood shears.

The blade itself is made of a high-quality, stainless steel that felt strong and solid in my hand. The unique shape, curved instead of straight, offered a distinct advantage because it supplies the user with extra leverage, allowing you to use more force when cutting. In an attempt to incorporate multiple tools into one, the designers put a serrated edge on the top of the lower blade, as well as a bottle opener on the bottom. The serrated edge was incredibly useful for cutting chicken-wire, plastic, etc., but didn't offer any particular advantage when cutting wood or branches. In fact, it is the Sizzors' inability to tackle these tougher outdoor elements that proved to be its biggest drawback.

I was impressed by how sturdy the entire design was, with the handle securely fastened to the blade by a thick, adjustable bolt. And, the addition of the bottle opener on the bottom is a great feature for kicking back at the end of the day, though the extra jagged edge makes sticking this tool in your pocket a bad decision.

Overall, AnySharp has created an impressive product. Sizzors are definite a step up from your classic, indoor scissors; great for cutting through plastic packages and assisting in other household tasks. Their sturdy build makes them a great gardening product as well. Unlike my classic shears, the Sizzors allowed me to swiftly and effectively prune most plants using just one hand. Though I encountered some problems when tackling bigger, thicker stems, and also found that I was unable to easily cut through any kind of wood, if you are simply looking to keep an unruly backyard plot in order, Sizzors are a great addition to any gardening collection.

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