It's finally warm enough to get out in the garden, so I was really excited about the opportunity to test out the Gardener's Hollow Leg. This seemingly simple product is actually an ingenious invention from the mind of fellow gardener, Bob Blomberg.

Blomberg has a gardening style similar to mine---one where he tended to wander and stumble upon problems that needed to be addressed. This meant he would either have to go back and get a tool he didn't have on hand or, more commonly, he would have to go back and forth to a trash can to get rid of weeds, clippings and other debris he had gathered.

The Gardener's Hollow Leg seeks to eliminate this waste of time and help create a more efficient gardening experience.

Though it comes in a bigger version, I received the junior version, a new offering from the company. At first glance, the bag seems small and unassuming but, because of the way it's built, it was surprisingly capable of handling all my gardening needs. When testing just how much I could fit into it, I was surprised it could comfortably hold about a gallon's worth of stuff, which was plenty for my home gardening needs.

The strap was thick enough that it did not cut into my side when the bag began to get heavy, but since it was secured by a buckle, it was also easy to remove and put back on, no matter what was inside. The bag stayed comfortably in place and didn't get in my way at all as I maneuvered around the garden. I was equally impressed by how easily it tightened around my small waist, but could also be adjusted to fit around my boyfriend's hips when I forced him to help me with some gardening maintenance.

Since it's the beginning of gardening season, I mostly used the Gardener's Hollow Leg for cleaning. It was such a help during my weeding sessions because I could easily collect weeds as I pulled them, but still keep my hands free.

The fabric sack is kept open by a built-in hoop so you can easily and quickly toss clippings inside. The material is also incredibly sturdy and waterproof, so if I put weeds into the bag that were moist, it did not get my clothing wet. I could then simply dump all the debris without getting myself dirty.

It also protected me from my pruning shears, which I used to carry in my back pocket, eventually resulting in a personal injury. Instead, I just threw them in the bag along with a small shovel, and grabbed the appropriate tool as I needed it.

The bag also has an outside pocket that fit my phone nicely. I was able to Velcro the top in order to protect it from the dirt and debris, while still keeping it close at hand.

Retailing for 24.99 for the junior version and $29.99 for the full version, I would definitely recommend this bag to anyone who enjoys working in the garden. Though it may seem simple, this invention makes gardening much more enjoyable because you can work until you are done---no need to take extra time to clean up.

To learn more about the Gardener's Hollow Leg, visit the website or watch the video below: