The Tomato of the month for September 2009 is the Roma tomato. Roma tomatoes are one of the most popular tomatoes grown in home gardens and commercially. The Roma's appeal comes from its great flavor and many culinary uses.

Roma tomatoes are determinate tomatoes that are plum-shaped, and can be found in red, yellow and orange varieties. They feature a very meaty inside with very few seeds which makes them perfect for canning, and making sauces. Roma tomatoes are also great in salsa, pizza sauce, and creating dried tomatoes.

There are several different varieties of Roma tomatoes such as the Roma VF, which is a variant that is fusarium wilt and verticillium resistant. "Baby Roma" is a smaller version of this plum-shaped fruit that is great for container gardening, patio gardens, or kitchen gardens. The "Windowbox Roma" is also very well suited for the same purposes.

Roma tomatoes usually ripen within 75 days, grow to a height of about four feet, and are open-pollinated. If you are a salsa lover, this would be the perfect tomato for you to grow in your home garden. You will not be disappointed by this flavorful and useful tomato!