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I bought this Troybilt tiller secondhand. I brought it home and tuned it up and it has been invaluable to me each season as I get my garden plots ready. I do use it only once or twice a year in my sandy soil. I am careful not to disturb my soil tilth.
For general weeding and cultivation purposes, I built a wheel hoe out of plywood and two old lawnmower wheels. It is just perfect to keep weed seedlings in check and to keep my sandy soil here in Texas from crusting over and getting hard after a rain.
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Those TroyBilt are nice tillers. I have a front tine tiller but hardly use it since I got a garden tractor with a tiller. Small tractors are my other hobby, I have 6 right now.

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That weeding device is cool. Last year I bought a small cordless tiller for between rows etc. Will see how it works this year.

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