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Seed Saving

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I have several lettuce plants bolting and getting ready to flower. I have brought them into the greenhouse to keep from freezing too much (our greenhouse isn't heated, yet). My question is, do the flowers that come before the seeds need to be pollinated to create viable seeds? Does pollination need to occur for any vegetable that flowers before seeds are formed? Does this make any sense? LOL-Thanks! BTW-I tried Errol's method of saving tomato seeds and planted a few and they are coming up! Thanks, Errol!
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well I found with my lettuce earlier this year, since mine grew until august before I started pulling them up and feeding them to the chickens that they have dropped seeds and well those seeds took to sprouting in sept in the old chicken coop so now I will have lettuce once again with out planting the tiny seeds. for the ones I thought about saving I pulled them and hung the plants up side down with a garbage bag over the seed pods so when they dried they would be captured. this worked well and will plant them in spring.
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