On March 28th, 2009, I posted in the Discover How To section about using the Burpee Seed Starting Tray. I must say after 6 days I am thoroughly impressed with this seed tray. I checked the tray for the first time today since setting it up, and to my amazement I noticed that I had some seedlings popping up already.

The Straight Eight cucumbers and the Clemson Spineless okra had a few seedlings bursting up from the Burpee growing containers. I counted four cucumbers and two of the okra popping up thus far.

Straight Eight Cucumber Seedlings

Close-up Of Cucumber Seedlings

Burpee says that their seeds trays accelerate germination times, and so far they are right. The seed packet for the Straight Eight cucumbers says the seeds will germinate in seven - fourteen days. The Clemson Spineless Okra suggests twelve - fourteen days. Both of these seedlings are popping up after just six days; not even a full week yet!

Okra Seedlings

Another thing that surprised me about this is that we have had some rather chilly nights lately - dipping down to around 36° F on a couple occasions. I thought for sure that the seeds might not make it in those kinds of temperatures. I better not get too giddy - a lot of the seeds haven't sprouted yet.

This is a great start to the season, and I can't wait to start digging in the garden in about two weeks! Check back in then to get a glimpse of all the vegetable gardening action.