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Seeds from Last Harvest

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I'm looking at saving some seeds from this harvest (it's the beginning of fall here in Australia), mainly tomato, capsicum, cucumber and chiili to store for planting next season. What's the best way to prepare and store them?
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i would like to know how to store left over seeds ...i just put them in a tub the fridge..any suggestions?
i would like to know how to store left over seeds ...i just put them in a tub the fridge..any suggestions?
you can buy seed saving kits from places like they come with limited instructions and how too's.
I save all my seeds from the veggies and flowers that I grow. Only time I buy seeds is when I want something that I don't already have or my friends in our seed swap club does not have what I want. Here's how I save tomato seeds and has always worked well for me...cut the tomato in half or quarters, using a sieve (strainer) squeeze the tomato into it. I pick out the large pieces of tomato and discard. this will leave you with mostly seed. Taking a glass, jar, or a glass bowl put the seed in, then fill with water while adding a small amount of a powdered cleanser such as ajax or any cheap powdered cleanser. stir it up good. let sit for several hours (I usually let it sit overnight) then using another container, with the sieve strain the container with the seeds . the seeds should mostly be cleaned and separated from any other pieces of tomato. with the seeds in the strainer, pour cold water over them. then pick out ant remaining pieces of tomato. pour water over the seed a couple more times and put on a plate or piece of screen and let dry. after drying I put mine in small brown envelope or small ziplock bags that can be purchased at walmart [email protected]$1.00
hope this helps, I'm sure there are many ways but this has always worked for me
good luck
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Thanks everyone for your advice, I really appreciate it.
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