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Semi-new Colorado gardener

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Hi Everyone -

I'm Gete Bond & last summer I was bitten by the gardening bug & now it's my life - & I love it. Figure it keeps me out of trouble......I shared a community plot w/ a friend of mine last summer & now have 5 gardens that I'm tending (long story - it will be just 1 big plot next year). I'm a tomato fiend - I have 31 plants this year - all different heirloom varieties - all colors of the rainbow & I'm taking very particular care of them. Lots of fish & kelp foliar spray, Neem oil (on the advice of Laurel and home-brewed, aerated compost tea. I'm in zone 5-6 @ 5000 ft altitude in dry, dry, dry Colorado. Outside of tomatoes, I'm growing the usual suspects;English cukes, 3 kinds of peas, French pole beans, potatoes, lots of lettuce, mache, mustard greens, 4 different kinds of beets, parsnips, herbs, garlic and, gulp, brussel sprouts. We've had a really warm spring & we're looking at the next 5 days in the high 90s. So I've built a drip system (from scratch - yay!) hoping to mitigate the effects of the furnace weather we're in right now.

Hoping to become a better informed gardener & pick up tips and also share what I've learned from my community of gardeners at my community plot.

Happy gardening!
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