Hello everyone!

It has been quite a while since I last updated Veggie Gardener, but I am happy to say that I am back to blogging once again. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to blog nor do much gardening in the last few months due to a quagmire of issues. I became ill back in September with bronchitis, then pneumonia, then later a nice case of the swine flu. During this time, I had a cut on my leg develop into a staph infection. So to say the least I was in and out of hospitals and doctor's offices fairly regularly. The good news is that I am very well now, and feel better than ever!

During my illnesses, my computer kicked the bucket (fried motherboard and cpu). I guess I must be old-fashioned because I only have one computer - I know most households have two or three nowadays. So for a couple months the only access I had to the internet was barging in on friends or relatives, and using the library public computers. I don't trust checking email or paying bills online using a public computer, so I didn't check email very often. I deeply apologize to those who may have emailed me during this time, and I will get to you as soon as I can. Once again, I apologize that it's a couple months after the fact, but I will answer none the less.

With all that being said, Wow! I'm glad to be back! Here's the ironic thing - the day that I started Veggie Gardener it snowed here in Virginia. That was on March 2, 2009 and here it is - the day that I reunite with my blog - December 20, 2009, there is snow on the ground yet again. So the question that continually pops into my head is, " Why in the world do I blog about gardening every time that it snows??".

I wish I had an answer really. All I can do is just laugh about that coincidence.

As part of my welcome back gift to myself ( and hopefully the 3 readers I have left) I'd like to post some pictures of my snow covered garden.

I hope that you enjoy the pictures of my snowy garden. There might not be much growing this time of year, but there is still loads to talk about. I look forward to the discussions!