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Some good advice....

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Ran across this so thought I would share....
Can I just throw something out there?
I see lots of ppl getting nervous and overwhelmed right now. Why aren't my tomatoes taller, can I use horse manure, how deep should my bed be, am I too late to start peppers?!??!
Stop. Breathe. You are fine and you can do whatever you want to do!
Companion planting is an IDEA not a blueprint, plant what fits.
You don't HAVE to rotate anything, esp in a small backyard garden.
Roots will find a way, help them but trust them.
Coffee grounds and pine needles are not hydrochloric acid, chill.
The Internet isn't always right.
And if (when, bc it happens to everyone) something fails, you know better for next year.
This is my supposed to be fun, have fun w this! Take pics, learn, grow, enjoy!!! I hope once things get growing, and inevitably dying, everyone can take a sigh of relief and see that no matter what you did in April, doing SOMETHING is exactly what you were supposed to do
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