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I planted herbs and vegetables in the last two weeks. Our area had a bad thunderstorm with hail. I have noticed since then all of my pepper plants and a few of my herbs including cilantro have either splints in the leaves or brown around the edges. In addition, a few leaves on the pepper plants have holes with the leave part not gone (almost like a hole was punched in them)... I don't know what to do! The peppers look healthy and stems. I'm not sure if this is from too much rain, not enough sun, the use of Osmocote plant food, or a pest of some sort. The plants are all in pots with holes to drain and are located on a high deck. They receive sun (when there is sun most of the day). Any suggestions??? PLEASE HELP! I have 39 pots and want them to survive.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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