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Spring Planting Today!

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Since today is the first day of Spring, I celebrated by planting some cool weather seedlings that I have been raising in the greenhouse.

I planted Kale, Cabbage, Romaine Lettuce, and Swiss Chard. I dug a hole in the garden soil about 6 inches deep and filled it with rich compost. Then using my hand, I made a deep impression in the compost to plant the seedling.
Bedrock Grass Road surface Concrete Sand

I firmed up around the roots and top dressed with a bit more compost to shore up some of the leggy seedlings against the wind we have here.
Plant Road surface Grass Asphalt Groundcover

I then laid my drip tape irrigation lines next to the plants and gave everything a good soaking for the evening.
Plant Tree Land lot Slope Agriculture

I think last night will be the last cold night for us here in Southeast
Texas for the season. We will be back into the warm 85F temps later this week.


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