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Sqeeze in whatever I can, wherever I can!

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Here are some of my food stuffs! It's tough to find someplace with sun, away from flying soccer balls, and safe from chickens. A lot of fenced in spots, hanging areas, and potted plants.
You will see plastic around one of the areas with young plants. That is how I keep snails and mice from coming in until the plants have grown up.

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LOL! Love it! This is how I garden too. If the space is empty, something other than crab grass should be growing there.
Thanks Shannon and Tammy. It's always fun when the kids ask to grow something new and I have to find another square inch somewhere!
JimZ you have done a great job! It looks well thought out and I like the way you have planned it. Kinda like a "cottage garden" with all the different plants mingled together. I see that "trouble" is looking like she runs things there!lol, I wish I could grow kiwi fruit here in tn as much as I eat of it but just never tried it. Everything looks great Jim, and gives me some ideas also!
good gardening
i love this..looks like it is right out of a gardening book...wonderful work..happy gardening.
It looks like an oasis. I absolutely love the cottage garden look.
Thanks everyone. Lettuce tomato and eggplant for dinner tonight. Fresh strawberries for dessert.
that is not trouble it is a mobile bug catcher! I have 10 of those. ok so they do nibble a bit on the veggies some times but I am bug free.
thanks for excellent explane..
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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