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All my garden is Lasagna beds. IMHO you can't go wrong with lasagna gardening! I started this about 3 yrs ago and it was the best move I ever made in growing anything from veggies to flowers. 4 years ago a friend gave me the book"Lasagna Gardening" by Patricia Lanza. It was one of the most interesting and helpful gift i have ever received, Ever since then, I have had beautiful gardens that was more productive then I ever dreamed about. My neighbors were as amazed as I. At first when I started building my beds everyone was wondering what in the world was I doing! getting started is not hard, after learning what I needed to build a lasagna bed. My garden is now 65 ft long x 70 ft wide. I own no tiller at all nor does my lasagna garden beds ever need tilling. I don't have to worry about what cover crop to plant, for I am always adding materials to the beds in fall (which most are free) to build them up for spring. I use "green" and "brown" materials in layers. I try to use 70-75% more brown then green. you can also search "Lasagna Gardening" and get alot of information on this. I use leaves, mulched, wheat straw (no pine straw) ,rotten sawdust mixed with sand, grass clippings, kitchen scrapes (no meat) aged wood chips (no green wood) horse, cow, chicken, rabbit manures, any old garden refuge that you pull up, (I don't use squash vines or tomatoe vines, to keep down transmitting diease) I didn't go big with the beds at first until I got the hang of it. Now my beds are 35ft-50ft long and are 4ft wide. Right now is the perfect time to start a lasagna bed for next spring. I will post some pictures later of my beds being built and this past years crops. Now is the time to start gathering the materials for lasagna beds. and most are free.
I now teach others in my community about lasagna gardening. People have stopped on the road just to get out and look and ask questions. This method of gardening is a very old method, so it is nothing new. I am very glad to have been introduced to lasagna gardening. It takes less water, no commercial fertilize or insecides, and most materials are free if you happen to live in the country as I do. You just need to try a small lasagna bed about 4ft x 12ft at first then you will see and experience the best and easiest gardening in your life. If your soil is great then you wont need a lasagna garden. But if your soil is like mine, mostly clay, doesn't drain well, rocky, hard, and very little nutrients then this is for you!
happy gardening
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