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Starting seeds indoors

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Hi All,
I am getting ready to start my tomato seeds indoors, a bit late, but since we just got out of highs in the low 20's, I hope I'll be ok. My question is about lighting and containers. I am going to be starting the seeds with my three little homeschool girls (ages 4, 5, and 6), and while it would be fine to use the brown pots, I have seen suggestions for starting seeds in empty citrus rinds. Has anyone ever tried this? What was the result? Does it work better for some plants than others, again I'm focused on starting tomatoes right now.

Also, I'm not really in the position to be buying a complicated grow light system to get these seeds started. Is there another good option? Is it ok to just start them in a South facing window?
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Never tried the citrus rind thing.
I start mine in styrofoam coffee cups and they do great. Once they have sprouted, I put them under grow lights for 16 hours per day. Nothing fancy, I go to a hardware store and by the $10 flourescent shop lights (somewhere in the 36 - 40 inch long range, I think). The issue with putting them just in a window is that they don't get enough hours of light. Those baby veggies need a ton of light, more than they'll get in a window.
try the paper egg cartons or the economical seed starting kit I believe around 8.95 I have used both with shop fluorescent light.
{Tailgater] is correct they do need lot of light.
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