While shopping at my local Home Depot Saturday, I came across a very interesting product - Terracycle Garden Fertilizer. It stuck out as an interesting product because it was packaged in what looked like two reused 20 oz. soft drink bottles. After reading the label on the bottles, I realized that this is a wonderful idea. They were indeed two reused soft drink bottles that contained liquified worm poop to be used as a flower or vegetable garden fertilizer.

Terracycle Garden Fertilizer

What Is TerraCycle Garden Fertilizer?

According the the label, TerraCycle Garden Fertilizer is:

A blend of liquified worm poop and a natural concentrate plant food. Our worm poop is made by feeding premium organic waste to millions of worms that consume and process the material. TerraCycle is also packaged in a reused soda bottle that might have otherwise ended up in a landfill.
TerraCycle Garden Fertilizer is naturally formulated to quickly and conveniently invigorate your garden.
TerraCycle Garden Fertilizer works by providing the three primary nutrients, naturally, for optimal plant growth. Unlike synthetic chemical fertilizers, which can lead to problems such as burn, TerraCycle Garden Fertilizer is guaranteed not to burn plants, even in hot weather. Scientific testing has proven that TerraCycle Garden Fertilizer will give you strong and robust garden plants.
Terracycle Garden Fertilizer has an N-P-K analysis of 2-1-1, and contains vermicompost extract, nitrate of soda, sulfate of potash, phosphate rock, and compost tea.

Terracycle Garden Fertilizer

How To Use TerraCycle Garden Fertilizer

This product could not be any easier to use. It comes with its own hose-end sprayer, and is already attached to one of the bottles - ready to go. Just give the bottle a good shake to mix up the contents, then attach to your water hose.

Once the sprayer is attached to your water hose, break off the white tab so that you can turn the sprayer on.

Terracycle Garden Fertilizer

Now the sprayer is ready to use. Just turn the sprayer on, turn the water on, and fertilizer your vegetable plants.

Terracycle Garden Fertilizer

A Small Tweak I Made Using The TerraCycle Sprayer

Although I think this is a great product, I really didn't like the provided hose-end sprayer. It sprayed in a hard stream which I don't like when spraying my vegetable plants. I decided to use my own hose-end sprayer, and poured the Terracycle contents into it.

My hose-end sprayer's spray can be adjusted, and I can adjust the flow rate of the bottle contents. While switching the sprayers I had a Eureka! moment. Why not add a little bit of fish emulsion to the Terracycle Garden Fertilizer? That's exactly what I did. Adding the fish emulsion to the TerraCycle fertilizer will provide a supercharged kick to my vegetables.

Terracycle Garden Fertilizer

Now all I need to do is to give the ingredients a good mix, and start spraying.

Terracycle Garden Fertilizer


I highly recommend using Terracycle Garden Fertilizer in your garden. It's natural and safe for all your vegetable or other garden plants. This is one of the best ways to feed your plants. Like I mentioned above, I did not care much for the provided sprayer, but it will work if you stand back some from the plants.

Terracycle's eco-friendly methods of using reused packaging is brilliant, and goes a long way to help keep a greener planet. I highly recommend using eco-friendly companies, and companies that are developing greener standards, such as TerraCycle.

On that note, TerraCycle also has a huge recycling program. You can sign up for TerraCycle recycling program for recycling soda bottles. They will send you the boxes for your empty bottles and pay for shipping. They will even donate 5 cents to a charity of your choice for each bottle you collect. Now that is an awesome program!

Terracycle offers a wide range of organic, natural products including:

For more information about this great company, please visit their website at www.terracycle.net. It is definitely worth a look!

I am in no way affiliated with TerraCycle. This is just my honest opinion about their product and company.

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