A new vegetable gardener may find there are endless vegetable possibilities available to grow and choosing the best ones for your first vegetable garden can seem a bit daunting. Do not let this stop you from starting your own vegetable garden. Most vegetables are fairly easy to grow with just a little TLC. It is best to choose vegetables that are not only easy to grow, but are quite prolific producers. Here are seven of the best beginner vegetables to grow for a new gardener.



Tomatoes are very easy to grow and do not require much attention other than the occasional watering and maybe some light pruning. There are many tomato varieties to choose from, but the tastiest tomatoes are typically heirloom varieties.

For a beginner, I recommend you start with Brandywine Organic Heirloom Tomatoes



Peas are very delicious and a snap to grow. Just sow the seeds in the vegetable garden, supply water, a little fertilizer and a trellis for support. You can also grow bush varieties of peas that do not need support, such as the Organic Cascadia Bush Snap Pea.



Radishes are one of the easiest and quickest vegetables to grow in the garden. They typically mature in 20 to 30 days depending on the particular variety you grow. Just directly sow the seeds in the garden, provide water and you'll have some great radishes in no time! I suggest you try Organic German Giant Radishes for some really big and really fun radishes.

Green Beans


Green beans (sometimes referred to as pole beans or bush beans) are a great vegetable to grow if you are just starting your first vegetable garden. Pole beans typically grow as a vine and need some type of a support, such as a trellis. Bush beans grow just as the name implies, as a bush. Both types require little know-how and attention.

For a fun and easy variety of bush beans, try Organic Blue Lake Bush Beans.

Yellow Summer Squash


It is hard to beat yellow summer squash for its intense growth and good production.It is very easy to grow, but can take up a lot of space. The plants can take up as much as four feet square.

For an abundance of summer squash in your vegetable garden, try Early Summer Crooked Neck Squash.



Zucchini are also considered summer squash and grow much the same way as yellow squash. They are also very prolific and can grow very large.

A great variety of zucchini to start with is Organic Black Beauty Zucchini for good size and taste.



Eggplant is in the same family as tomatoes and are just as easy to grow. Eggplant can be grown from seed, and may require some support when they get very large.

One of my favorite eggplant varieties is Organic Black Beauty Eggplant.