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the ABC Gardening Game!

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Let's play a game!

Let's go through the alphabet and for each letter name something in your garden that starts with the next letter. Try to pick something you might actually be growing or something you have (like a garden took of some sort). Obviously some letters might be tough (like Q or X!), so then just think of something that works for that letter.

I'll start with A:

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B for Broccoli. My two plants suck but they're trying
D is harder than I thought it would be. I'm not growing anything that starts with a D. but there are dandelions growing in my dried up grass field. And my dad used to make deep fried dandelions, so I guess it's sort of a food :p
Dandelions are delicious! E is for Eggplant. Mine are growing really slow, but they are beautiful!
We are on to H . . . which would be for horseradish. I'm not growing any, but my mom usually does. And I think she regrets it because it spreads so much!
I Iceberg Lettuce! I still have some going to seed in my garden. (That was a tough one!)
J for Jalapenos - of which I have many and they are huge this year. Guess I'll be making some cowboy candy with them!
L for Lettuce. Just planted some "drunken woman frizzy headed lettuce" seeds for this fall. I couldn't pass up on seeds with a name like that! lol
N is for Nasturtiums so pretty and peppery in my garden and on my plate!
Q is for Quince! I had some Quince Membrillo that I bought from Tastes like Fruit Roll Ups. LOL
R is for radish all crispy sliced on a salad.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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