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The fall plants are in!

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Since my DH just used some scrap lumber we had, it's not a very big raised gardening bed, but he built it solid so it'll last awhile. I'll likely use it for radishes next year. It's maybe 2 ft x 5 or 6 ft?

anyways, I planted starts of spinach, red romaine, a 6 pack of some variety lettuces, and brocolli. I only had room left in the box for 2 of the brocolli plants, so I planted the other 4 in the ground next to the box. My soil wasn't too great this year so I bought a 2 cubic yd bag of soil amendment with chicken manure. Hopefully that'll help these little starts get off to a good start. I have some all purpose veggie fertilizer I'll give them next week also. I've never grown brocolli before, so I hope this works.
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